The Traveling Shovel

Chapter 12 "The Reunion"
The map appeared out of nowhere one day. Blown in by the winds like a tumbleweed down a lonely street. The nonsense scribbled on the tattered paper made no sense to me or anyone I showed it to and yet I knew it held secrets to a great treasure. It all made sense the day the shovel arrived on my doorstep. The secrets of the map were only visible when the shovel was close by. Only then did I know that it was destiny that brought the map to me. I followed the map to the destination and began to dig that cold late November evening. Along the riverbank it came to rest after traveling untold miles and was covered up by the sands of time. It was a chest filled with the tools of a great master. Tools that give inspiration and hope to many photographers world wide. Tools that have created images that the world will never forget and inspire many for years to come.

Shovel Jr. got to meet the camera that made it all happen in the deserts of Nevada... BBC did not get to have the reunion with the original shovel as planned but Jr. was excited just the same.

I want to give thanks to my friend and great photographer Quinton Myers ( for helping me with this shoot. We had a blast, and are honored to take part in this great project! Off to California the shovel goes!
November 19, 2007

Kevin Paul
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Oklahoma City, OK

travel log entry #12

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