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Kansas City Grave Digging
Well...My journey with shovel Jr. started off kind of rocky. My buddy (shovel) stopped by my hotel room when we were in NYC last week. He told me that I was the next stop on his crazy journey. As I was standing in line at the airline counter with my new best friend I was feeling kind of weird checking him in. For some reason I thought he would be right there with me on the plane chatting with me about what kind of session we need to do. That wasn't the case...after the mean people behind the counter were done laughing at me, they told me I needed to check my friend. As I was waiting for my ticket to be printed they took shovel Jr. to the cargo area and as the guy turned the corner I saw him SNAP my friend two!!!!!! I went nuts!!!! The whole way home I was thinking my friend was in that much pain. Well when we got to Kansas City we fixed him up a put him back to new. So after putting back a few beers from the local brewery we decided we needed to do a graveyard session to honor Halloween. The session was going great! We did a little "painting with light" got some great shots until some old fart decided he didn't like strange lights coming from his backyard graveyard. So we had the honor of having the local PD on site to check out what we were doing. Shovel had to leave early the next morning so we headed back to the house We just finished a studio here at the home and shovel wanted to get a few headshots done before he left. Everything was going great until Mrs.. Shootsac showed up. She was feeling a little left out so we had her jump in for a few shots (you know the kind you just click and not use Hee Hee) well I like one shot we took so I kept it in the final. Well I had to say goodbye to my friend and send him on his way. Good luck playing in that clay dirt down there in Oklahoma. The End
November 1, 2007

Jason Domingues
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Kansas City, MO

travel log entry #11

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