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The Shovel Digs Canada
What a great project this is! Taking pictures of a shovel really forces you to take a different approach!

I wanted to do some self portraits and images that really said Canada. Receiving the shovel in the middle of April I did not expect to have snow, but then again, this is Canada. I found the shovel some friends and snapped off a few shots in the shovels first official snowy day. I had to introduce "The Great Shovel" to "The Great One"! Of course I'm speaking of hockey great Wayne Gretzky holding the Stanley Cup. Now the shovel knows what it's like to be a champion! :) Notice it's just a couple days later, no snow, and I'm in a t-shirt! Canada's got some messed up weather. Finally, I wanted to get creative. My last image is a composite of several long exposures. Some of the exposures were lit by deer lights, some were lit by the moon and the stars. It was a fun night!

Thanks to the Wiebners for making the Traveling Shovels journey a reality. I hope everyone has fun with it!

April 29, 2007

Jason Leon Clark
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Spruce Grove, AB, Canada

travel log entry #4

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