The Traveling Shovel

Causing trouble in St. Louis!
Yes, yes, yes :) the shovel is still traveling. Here is the latest installment from our friends Stephanie and Peter...


Stephanie & Peter Zettl
Zettl Photography
St. Louis. MO

“A shovel is considered a weapon and we can’t have it near people on federal property for fear of creating a panic among the general public.” - the national park ranger that questioned us about our shovel photo shoot.

Perhaps it was because of the shovel’s time in Iraq, perhaps it was the original shot by JMC, perhaps it is the fact that it is a large blunt object capable of harm, but whatever the case the shovel has been official labeled a lethal weapon.

We had big plans for the shovel. We were going to show it around St. Louis in style. We wanted our own traveling steel “monument” to see St. Louis’ great steel Arch monument that graces our riverfront. (They kind of even look alike if you squint real hard and tilt your head.)

The shovel of course had to do the typical “pose in front of the arch shot.” No trip would be complete without it. But it was when we approached the north leg of the arch for some more “artsy” photos that we were stopped by a park ranger. (The Arch Grounds are actually a national park and federal property.) Apparently our little shovel had caused a stir among the park rangers and we were asked to stay away from the public.
We explained what we were doing and that we have no plans about harming anyone or anything. Despite his shady past, the shovel is a lover not a fighter.

“Just keep it away from people, because I really don’t want them coming up to me telling me you have a shovel.”

Not a problem, we got what we wanted and left.

We went to go hop on the Metro but were quickly reminded that shovels are not welcomed on the train. Once again, shovel was labeled a lethal weapon.

We had other plans for shovel, but after the experience with the park ranger, the shovel just wasn’t into doing anything else. Besides, the shovel has a story to tell his children and grand children about how he went to St. Louis and was called a lethal weapon.
May 9, 2008

Stephanie & Peter Zettl
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St. Louis, MO

travel log entry #17

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