The Traveling Shovel

Our turn again!
There isn;t much to say. We got the shovel back to the DWF convention in January. So far the shovel has been photographed by 11 different photographers. I know, I know, it has taken a year to get this done, but I am ok with that. The shovel will travel as it travels. If it takes a year to go to 12 people, that's ok with me.

Well anyway, as we considered this the official "coming home" for the shovel we thought it would be nice to do a shot of Shovel Jr. with the original shovelers. John Michael Cooper and Dalisa Cooper were nice enough to escort the shovel for this shot. Thanks guys :)

The last shot in the series is by Paul Johnson with his spanky new D3 (not jealous, not jealous, not jealous) Thanks Paul!
January 6, 2008

Joel and Rita Wiebner
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Tampa, FL

travel log entry #13

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