Kim - I LOVE THE OAKS!!! So Jealous! The pictures are beautiful. The dock pictures are great portraits. (8.12.09, 4:36pm)

dalisa - THE WIEBNERS ROCK!!! What an awesome day - I'm so jealous;) I love the story with the candy - really cool. Umm.. if y'all do go back for a weekend, can we come? (8.6.09, 12:22pm)

Kathleen Trenske - One of the coolest shoe shots I've seen in a long time! Fantastic! I love the shots of the bride and groom on the dock as well. (7.29.09, 11:25pm)

Simon Andrews - What a great set, You can really share in their day just by looking at your photos! Great work! (7.29.09, 8:14pm)

Alison - you nailed this one! (7.28.09, 11:44pm)

James Cowden Sr. - Amazing! It's great to follow the fun through someone else's artistic eye. (7.27.09, 3:45pm)

Alexa Renehan - The pictures are ABSOLUTELY beautiful and Bryan and I are so sorry to have missed your wedding! God blessed you with a fabulous day and I trust that he will bless you with a fabulous life together. Love, Alexa and Bryan (7.26.09, 6:30pm)

Saro Badalian (brother of the bride) - this truly was a day that that the Badalian/Cowden families will never forget. Thank you both so much for capturing this day so beautifully. I've never seen my sister happier or more beautiful! (7.26.09, 5:13am)

Anna (Maid of Honor) - Amazing, amazing pictures! You guys not only captured the beauty of the day but you were able to really capture the happiness that radiated off of Kristina and Jamie. (7.25.09, 11:37pm)

fran chelico - a beautiful wedding captured beautifully :) (7.25.09, 12:24am)

Maura Winkworth - These are beautiful! (7.24.09, 3:41pm)

Heather Bernard - These are wonderful. You captured everything perfectly! Thanks for your artistry. (7.24.09, 2:27pm)

Michelle (sister of the groom) - You captured the day perfectly from start to finish. It made me relive all the fun family and friends had that day! Beautiful! (7.24.09, 2:16pm)

Rosie Parsons - Gorgeous photos, what a lovely wedding! (7.24.09, 4:02am)

Kristina Badalian - Rita and Joel- I can't tell you how much I just loved these photos- you really captured how much fun we had on our day! You guys are the best! (7.23.09, 10:44pm)