Danielle and Mitch - Sat. Oct 7th

Tuesday, October 10, 2006 - Weddings
Saturday we headed to a farm - what a great place for a wedding! The ceremony and reception were at Prospect Hill Farms in Alburtis, PA. Beautiful place!! Danielle had so many cool fall details - pumpkins, hay bales, sunflowers, too many to mention! It was a gorgeous day, although a bit cold, I guess it is time to start wearing the long sleeved shirts for weddings - I nearly froze to death! (Okay, I exaggerate.) Anyway, it was a wonderful day, even though the ceremony got started a bit late. Fun was had and that's all that matters!

So we don't usually post two different ring shots, but both Joel and I each got really cool ones this weekend so we wanted to put both of them up. This first one was Joel's that he did with the guys.
And here is mine, that I took while Danielle and Mitch were wearing them - awesome background!
So.....this is what happens when we tell a couple to "frolic". Danielle and Mitch started skipping down the road and it was so unexpected and funny we almost (just almost) didn't get the shot.
The Harvest Moon! Joel knew the moonlight would make a super cool shot, so he pulled the tripod out of the car and did this shot during the reception. Isn't it awesome?
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