Wedding No. 366: Kingston & Jackie - A Very Special Wedding

Tuesday, July 7, 2015 - Weddings

Now that the new site is live, I have a ton of catching up to do! February 28th of this year marked a very special wedding for some very special friends! Kingston has been one of Joel's best friends since college days at Kutztown University, and we were so thrilled that he finally found the right woman for him! Jackie is fun and outgoing, and keeps our boy Kingston in line, which is what he needs. :)  


They had a small ceremony for family and a few close friends at the Gypsy Kitchen in Lancaster, PA. Actually, it is the absolute closest we have shot a wedding to our house. It is literally a walk across the street from us!  The Gypsy Kitchen is located in the Lancaster Theological Seminary, which is on the next block up from us. It was actually the perfect location for a small intimate winter wedding, with a huge fireplace and a medieval stonework feel to the room.  Kingston is one of the happiest guys we know, and he was smiling ear to ear that day. Jackie was very ready to become "Mrs. Chow" and we were so thrilled to see this family come together. Love them to pieces!

Joel and Kingston have been friends since college.

Joel and Kingston have been friends since college.
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