Wedding No. 345: Gavin & Joanna's Exciting Wedding Day in Philadelphia

Wednesday, July 30, 2014 - Weddings

April 26th - what a memorable wedding with Gavin and Joanna! We had done a portrait session for Gavin's sister Pam and her husband years ago, and when it was time for Gavin and Joanna to get married they gave us a holler. We were so excited! And the day did not disappoint. Everyone was totally fun and cool, the locations were great (St. Augustine church - 6th Sense movie, hello!) and because there is never a dull moment - we were on the way to do portraits and were in the shuttle. We had just left the church and someone rearended the shuttle! First time we have been in an accident on wedding transportation. Luckily we were all ok and the woman just took the bumper off the shuttle. It did delay our portrait part of the day by 45 mins. But we made the best of it and got everyone out and took some shots in the streets around the area while the shuttle driver worked everything out. Whew!

The reception was as lively as the rest of the day, with some fantastic dancers and lots of great conversation. Congrats guys!