Kim and Daren - Sept. 23rd - Part 2

Monday, September 25, 2006 - Weddings
Aaahhh, yes - love this shot! This was taken on the third hole at the golf course at Liberty Forge, and this was actually where Daren purposed to Kim. We did a bunch of different shots here, but this was one of my favorites, I love cool ring shots!
We don't usually post 2 ring shots, but Joel did this shot and he loves this one, so here you go...
Oh YUMMY!!! Instead of a traditional cake, Kim and Daren had Krispy Kreme donuts - they were all packaged up for all of the guests, 2 per box. (Yes, they let us have some!)
This is just too cute. These were Kim and Daren's nieces, they were the flower girls, and were so cute and emotional all day. This was taken while Kim was dancing with her dad, and her niece on the left, was just crying and crying, while Daren's niece on the right was consoling her - and crying too!
Here's Joey doing his last bit of video with Kim and Daren at the end of the night.
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