Wedding No. 329: Amy & Joel's Joyous Wedding in Lancaster

Tuesday, October 22, 2013 - Weddings
Oh what a joyous wedding this was! September 14th was filled with joy, laughter and everything that is happy and good. I sound like a sap, but these two, Amy and Joel were just so happy and fun it was contagious. Joel and Amy were both home-schooled, and remembered some photos we had taken for a homeschool theatre production that Amy was in a few years ago. (She had also enjoyed visiting our old studio on Queen Street on First Fridays.) So when it came time for her and Joel to marry, she called us right away!

We had perfect weather for their wedding - the ceremony was held at Central Manor Campmeeting grounds, and the reception was at Mulberry Art Studios. The ever-bubbly Stacia from Petals with Style did the florals, and we finally! got to work with DJ Josh Mast at the reception!

Whew! So Amy and Joel were energetic, enthusiastic, happy, fun, joyful, bubbly, in get the picture. This was one fun-filled wedding. They had some great touches to their ceremony and reception - family and friends participating in everything. Dancing at the reception was pretty insane since it was such a young crowd. Backflips, frontflips, who-knows-what-kind-of-flips - all kinds of crazy antics ensued! What a day! I had a hard time narrowing down the photos for this post - way too many great shots!