Wedding No. 319: Allison & Ryan's Wedding in Wellsboro, PA

Wednesday, June 26, 2013 - Weddings
On May 18th, we made the over 3 hour hike up to Wellsboro, PA (near the PA Grand Canyon) for Allison and Ryan's wedding. We had beautiful weather, and a great day! Allison's family is from Wellsboro, and we started out with some getting ready at her parent's awesome log home. Going up there is like going into a different world. We felt the same way last fall when we did a Potter County wedding. So rural, it feels like time hasn't touched the place! The ceremony was at the Catholic church in town, but after a few portraits downtown, we made the trek into the backwoods, and ended up at Allison's parent's camp. It used to belong to her grandparents, and the property was pretty sweet to shoot at. How they got a big tent and catering and everything up there I will never know. It sure was out there! The reception turned into half wedding reception, half camp party. It was such an awesome mix. You would have never thought there were over 300 people there. It was spread out all over the place! We really enjoyed ourselves and are so glad Ryan and Allison found us through some a friend that lives in Lancaster! Congratulations!