Wedding No. 318: Jessica & Justin's Wedding - All Around Downtown West Chester

Tuesday, June 11, 2013 - Weddings
Jessica and Justin had a perfect spring day on May 4th. No rain, nice temperature, blue skies - sigh. A beautiful day! We met up with both of them at the Hotel Warner in West Chester, PA and then walked to the church which was only a few blocks away. We had plenty of opportunities for great photos on the way! After a lovely Catholic ceremony at St. Agnes church, we walked some more to get some portraits of Jessica and Justin, and then it was off to the reception at the Chester County Historical Society. Everything was literally within a few blocks of each other! It was nice to be able to park the car in one spot and walk around all day!

The room at the historical society was beautiful, and Jessica had some great decor as well as florals by Katie Mac in West Chester. The party didn't disappoint either - those people could dance! A highlight was when all the groomsmen and Justin got up on the stage and performed, now that was a treat! I think everyone there could have completely danced the night away. So much fun, so much to photograph!