Calling ALL Photographers - Its HERE! The Auction You DON'T Want to miss!

Thursday, June 6, 2013 - News
2 weeks. Whew. What a 2 weeks it has been! As many of you already know. Our friend and photographer passed away suddenly on May 21st. He is survived by his wife and 3 children (which #3 is due any day now.) Like I said a few posts ago, as I was sitting here reeling in those first few days after Daniel's death, I thought, "What can I do?" I felt so helpless. So I did what I could, and took on the enormous project of starting an online fundraising auction for photographers. Joel and I have a lot of national contacts, and I knew our friends would help out. And they did. And more than our friends, we have had donations coming in from wedding and portrait photographers from all around the country. It is exciting and cool, and dang awesome to see everyone's support.

So with the help of some friends (Lori and Kim, I'm looking at you - and a HUGE thank you for putting up with my incessant FB messages and texts) - we got this thing going. We worked out the logistics, and here we are. WITH THE AUCTION LIVE AS I TYPE!!

Currently, we have 60+ donated items and are still accepting donations. (So if you would like to donate a photography product - mentor session, workshop, product, etc., please email me here: Contact Rita.) All from nationally recognized wedding and portrait photographers. The list is quite impressive, and here are just a sampling of what we have:

1. Workshop seat from Justin and Mary Marantz for Walk Through Workshop on June 11-12th in New Haven, CT
2. Workshop seat from Mike Colon for his June 11th workshop in Fairhope, AL
3. Donated by Jesh de Rox - One seat to the Beloved Collective Photography Festival in October
4. Donated by Huy - One seat to the FConference in November
5. Donated by Enna Grazier - One seat to the 2014 INSPIRE Photo Retreat

And so much more! We have nearly 2 dozen different mentoring sessions with photographers such as: Laura Novak, Denis Reggie, Alt-F Photography, Dane Sanders, Amber Holritz, Churck Arlund, The McLellans, etc.

We have SIX - Count them SIX, Full conference passes to WPPI 2014!! We have products, dvds, product credits, you name it, I think we have it!

So without further ado, here is the auction website. Now quit reading, and go bid!!!

Daniel Mast Memorial Fund Photography Auction - June 6th - July 8th, 2013 - A few items end early, so don't wait, bid today!