Wedding No. 314: Gillian & Pete - 1st wedding of 2013

Thursday, April 18, 2013 - Weddings
So yeah, I actually went back and counted every single wedding we have done since we started. Gill and Pete's is number 314. Wow. Over 300 weddings in 10 years. That's crazy! I know its been awhile since we blogged. But honestly, there was NOTHING going on this winter that would have interested you. Let's see... I was in a car accident and totaled our Subie (got rear-ended and we were ok, but car was totaled, boo), we had 2 rounds of the flu and a serious head cold, I had an abcessed tooth that got pulled. I did do a solo trip to Tennessee for a week in January to visit a good friend, but other than that, it was a whole lot of hibernating for us! We did work on taxes, and accounting, and album designs, but not much of the shooting variety of work. Winter is just....dead. What can I say?

Anyway, all of that aside, March 16th we kept it local with our first wedding of the year and were at the Cork Factory Hotel. Gill we had met last year, but Pete we just met on the wedding day. No matter, him and Gill were like long lost friends. We all got along fabulously! They saw each other before the ceremony, and cause it was kinda snowy and rainy out, we didn't do too much outside. But luckily it was earlier in the afternoon, cause the Cork N Cap (the hotel's restaurant) was almost empty, and we were able to use one of the dining rooms for some portraits. I love that sculpture above! We never photographed in that room before. The best part of the Cork Factory is switching it up every time we are there and finding at least one or two new locations to shoot at. It has a lot of great variety!

The ceremony went off without a hitch and the reception was dance, dance dancing all night long. Ringing in the new season with a bang!

Oh and I have to mention the lovely flowers were by none other than Petals with Style.