New Friends

Wednesday, September 13, 2006 - "Just Because" Portraits
So last night we had the pleasure of photographing Lori and Neville Stringer of Stringer Photography in Coatesville. This was our first time meeting Lori and Neville, although we have been in communicado for the last several months. We all belong to the same online photography community and have been dying to get together. Lori wanted some new pix of them for their new web site, so they headed up to our neck of the woods to have a little fun around town.

We took them to this totally cool bridge we have been wanting to use that is not far from our house. Got some awesome shots, then headed downtown Lancaster for a few more. Afterwards, we all chowed down on some good old rice & beans at El Serrano's on Columbia Avenue - that place is absolutely fantastic! Had a couple hours of shop talk, and we finally got kicked out when they closed at 9 PM. We actually stood in the parking lot for another hour and talked some more - oh we love to talk about what we do!

Thanks guys for letting us get some fun pix, and for some great wine, dinner and conversation! See you soon!


PS. I almost forgot, while downtown we were walking along, turned the corner and BAM! ran right into Leslie who was doing an engagement shoot with one of her couples. It was just too funny!