Amber & Brian's Fabulous Fall Potter County Wedding

Monday, November 12, 2012 - Weddings
I have been DYING to get this wedding on the blog. September 29th was a day like no other with Amber and Brian. Every once in awhile, you come across a couple that has "it". You know what it is - love, life, joy, emotion, sweetness, caring, respect, and personality. These guys were "it". Their wedding was on a Saturday, and after driving 4, almost 5 hours from Lancaster the night before (after our car broke down and we had to borrow one from a relative) - and getting only about 5 hours of sleep - we STILL had the best day, rocked it like we were never gonna party again, and just loved all 12 HOURS of this day!

So Amber and Brian live in Jersey - so how did they end up in beautiful Potter County, PA? Brian's family has a cabin waaaaayyy back in the woods, near Galeton, PA. The area is just breathtaking, and we can see why they love it so much. Brian and Amber have a lot of history there, he proposed there, so it felt right to them to get married in a place that meant a lot to them. Amber is a bit of a photographer herself, so photos were super important to her. They had us arrive 6 hours before the ceremony - I know, that seems like a lot of time to some of you, but they had a really fantastic portrait session planned out for before the ceremony. They saw each other ahead of time (they actually picked us up together) - and had sooo many great spots chosen for us to use. It was like a photographer's dream come true! Every stop we made was just perfect. All we had to do was our normal magic and the rest took care of itself. Probably one of the most fun weddings we have ever done. Who wouldn't like to play like this on the wedding day?

As you can see, the photos below are really portrait heavy from the beginning of the day, but after the portrait part of the day was over, we went in to Coudersport, PA, to the Coudersport Consistory for the ceremony and reception. Another extremely cool location! As you can see, Amber had a ton of awesome details and touches she added to the day. I must emphasize, she made EVERYTHING herself! Brian said they had hundreds of hours put into making decor, programs, etc. for the wedding. That's dedication people! Their personal style shown through and just added to the beauty that already existed in the day.

A few more sneaky portraits were done during the cocktail hour :) and then the reception rocked away into the night, with some awesome desserts, a fun wedding "shoe game" and lots of dancing. It was so hard to get my favorites down to what I did, and it is still a ton. I hope everyone enjoys looking at them as much as we enjoyed taking them! Couldn't have asked for more!