Kelly and Sean - Sun. Sept. 10th - Part 1

Monday, September 11, 2006 - Weddings
Yay! We got to shoot in one of our favorite locations today - downtown Lancaster! Kelly and Sean were married in Steinman Park, just outside of the Pressroom Restaurant, and then had their reception at the restaurant afterwards. These two were just SO much fun! They were totally up for doing whatever we wanted to, and gave us a ton of time after the ceremony to do photos - since that was something that was really important to them. We ran around Central Market for a bit after the ceremony and then had a great reception. The Pressroom's food is to die for, and Joel was treated with a big juicy slab of Prime Rib, and I had chicken that was awesome!

Thanks so much to both of you, for making us love our job! Enjoy Jamaica and the pix - we had to put extra up because we had so many cool ones!

I know this is a totally corny shot, but I just had to do it! This was an ice breaker for the guys and after this everyone loosened up.
This ceremony had such a beautiful backdrop!
Ohh, this shot is just my favorite! I was literally freaking out after I took it - I love how everyone is sitting and their expressions. I am so glad the girls were wiling to do such an "unfeminine" pose, cause I think it was worth it!
The guys were all into this - Joel's idea with this one, I think Kelly looks so cute, like she isn't sure what is happening behind her.
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