Jessie & Jeremy's Wedding - Wandering around Lancaster County

Thursday, October 25, 2012 - Weddings
Yeah I'm a little behind. That always happens at this time of year. Working hard to get caught up though! Jessie and Jeremy's wedding on September 23rd is next up here on the list (we had a wedding September 22nd as well, but the couple wished to keep their photos private, so we didn't blog that one) - and boy was it a gorgeous day! Just look at those skies we had! Woooeeee! The ceremony was out at a church in Christiana, but after that, we went gallivanting about southern Lancaster county. I love when our brides say, "Stop wherever you want on the way to the reception." Uh, ok. Will do. And that's what we did. We wouldn't have gotten so many sweet portraits (ok we would have, but hey, you can't be that gorgeous sky shot) if we wouldn't have made so many stops. After we did a bunch of really great portraits, we marched into the reception room at the Fireside Tavern in Strasburg, and watched an energetic party unfold. It was a great day to be a wedding photographer!