LeAnn & Andrew's Wedding - The best of Cork Factory AND downtown Lancaster!

Monday, August 27, 2012 - Weddings
August 3rd we hit the Cork Factory again for LeAnn and Andrew's wedding. We were pleased as punch, cause they decided to go off property to do their portrait session before the ceremony. We love the Cork, but we love downtown Lancaster too! LeAnn and Andrew loved our work we have done downtown, so they scheduled in enough time to take a trip to the park and alleys in the city. They had a tiny wedding party, so it worked out really great! Moving around with a ton of people is always difficult, so we love when there are small wedding parties!

After we danced through the raindrops down town (it only sprinkled a teensy bit), we headed back to the Cork for the ceremony and reception. All of these peeps are from out of town (another Lancaster destination wedding!) - and MAN did they hit the dance floor running at full speed! They couldn't WAIT to get started. Hello? Are we in love or what? Y'all know that its one of our favorite things to photograph of the day. These two, their friends and family, sure didn't disappoint. What a wonderful day!