Kelly and Derek at Stokesay Castle

Saturday, August 11, 2012 - Weddings
Well I have to say, Kelly and Derek were sure fun to work with. We had no problem getting great expressions from either of them on their July 27th wedding at Stokesay Castle in Reading, PA. Kelly and Derek actually met in South Africa (where Derek is from) while she was studying abroad for her veterinary program at Penn State. Needless to say they are both huge animal lovers. Apparently, Kelly was leaning out of a helicopter while trying to tranq some large game, and Derek was holding on to her so she didn't fall out. I think that is right, but how romantic! So as a surprise, Kelly's mom hired a horse and carriage for the wedding day, to whisk her in to the ceremony, and then take her and Derek for a ride afterwards. Kelly was speechless when she saw the horse, and burst into tears! Score one for mom!

After the ceremony, we spent a short time with our couple and wedding party around the grounds, but later also went up on the roof of the castle with Kelly and Derek to grab a few more shots at dusk. I am sure these two will have a long happy fun-filled marriage. You can just see it in their faces!
Um, yeah, so I guess I should explain. Kelly sent her sister and one of Derek's sisters over to him while he was getting ready, to um, yeah, pluck his eyebrows. She told me to tell Joel to make sure to get photos of it too. It turned out quite comical! Derek is the master of awesome faces!
Kelly seeing her chariot awaiting...
A ride in the carriage.
This was pretty funny. One of their guests was trying to sneak in behind Kelly and Derek as they entered the reception. He made quite the uproar!
Back outside for some more shots. All I did was tell them where to stand, they did the rest :)
Through the doorway.
She was soooooo cute.
Karate chop cake!
So Derek's sister caught the bouquet (and Derek was aiming for her boyfriend with the garter) - but Kelly's nephew caught it instead! It was quite the sweet garter ceremony. He just kept on going!
There they go again! Congratulations Kelly and Derek!
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