Amber & Scott all sweet and sassy at Cork Factory Hotel

Friday, August 3, 2012 - Weddings
So let's see...I haven't blogged in awhile (we were on vacation - this wedding is from July 13th, so sue me). It's 11pm on a Friday night (just got done shooting the first of 2 weddings for this weekend). And I got my panties all in a bunch cause I'm finally getting to blog Amber and Scott's wedding (and Megan and Pete's right after this - and they were both AWESOME. There, I said it, I said AWESOME.) So there ya have it. My thoughts wrapped up in a tiny package. Enjoy the photos!

....Wait a minute, that's not right. Oh yeah, I should talk a little bit about Amber and Scott. So let's do that! They are sweet, cuddly and in love. Amber is a peach (she really is a sweetheart), and Scott likes to toss cabers in Highland Games (he likes non-traditional sports). Put them together with their friends and family (see above and below) and a great venue (Cork Factory Hotel) and you have the ingredients for a really fantastic wedding! They had some cool details - Amber had varying shades of grey (but not Fifty Shades of Grey) and orange throughout the day from the dresses to the ties to the centerpieces and flowers. Everyone, and I mean everyone, was from out of town. This was a destination wedding for everyone involved! Strange to think of Lancaster, PA as a destination wedding location, but the good old Cork Factory is drawing them in. Amber and Scott actually live in the DC area. Actually, tonight's wedding was at the Cork as well, and and everyone was from out of town. Love these destination people coming to us!

So the photos pretty much speak for themselves (except for a few, which I will explain below, they just need explaining!) - so enjoy! And stay tuned for Megan and Pete!
Always a lovely room.
I think we try to take a different shot of this every time we go here.
Amber had this sweet little ring box for the ring bearers to hold.
I had to close the door to get this shot, and told Amber when I came out that I needed some alone time with her dress. We have a special bond, me and that dress. :)
Some Jimmy Choos in the house.
And flick and twist and knot and...pearl 1....something like that.
Tag removal is optional.
Now that's the reaction every bride wants to see. :)
Amber's nephews were little cuties.
This took forever to set up, and admittedly I would have tweaked one or two more things, but I think it turned out pretty stinking cool. Thanks for being patient with me wedding party!
So this was and wasn't a set up shot. Joel set them all in position like this, but Scott took the action all upon himself without any direction. :)
I love when our couples love urban loveliness. Love, love, love, love....ok you get it.
Pre ceremony pep talk with dad.
And he's out.
I loved these chalkboard centerpieces so much I blogged two photos of them. It's my blog, I can do whatever I want, so there.
And he's up again.
The dancing started from the minute everyone was announced in - our kind of wedding reception!
Um, no comment.
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