Lindsay & Ryan - Yep, hottest wedding of the year!

Friday, July 13, 2012 - Weddings
One last wedding post before vacation! (We actually have to shoot another wedding tomorrow as well, but this is my last official office duty.) Lindsay and Ryan got all married on that stinkin' hottest day ever, July 7th! I think it was over 100 degrees, and felt like we were stuck in the Arizona desert or something. Whoooeeee! Despite all that heat, we still managed to get some quality outdoor portrait time.

Lindsay and Ryan and their entire parties got ready at Lindsay's sister's big house (girls upstairs, guy downstairs!) - and had their first look there. They then all piled in a BUS - and I mean B-U-S - the largest limo bus I have ever seen. It was as big I think, as one of those tour buses! It was enormous! Anyway, they all piled in there and off we went for our grand tour prior to the ceremony. We made a quick stop at South Hanover Elementary School, which is where Lindsay and Ryan first 1st Grade! They even had their first grade teacher as a guest at the wedding, how cool is that? So we did some portraits at the school quick, and off to the Hotel Hershey we went. We spend about 20-30 min in the formal garden behind the hotel - just long enough for the heat to start to get unbearable, then it was back in the bus and off to Harrisburg on Riverfront. After a few portraits in Harrisburg, we made our way to the Camp Hill Presbyterian Church where the ceremony was to be held.

The reception was at one of our favorite venues, the West Shore Country Club - yes we were just there a couple weeks ago. Yes, the awesome coordinator Steve was there, and yes, he took us out on the golf course to do some rad portraits. We love Steve, did I mention that?

We weren't at the reception very long, but we were there long enough to see some great toasts, a memorable fast first dance, some drinks at the bar :) (not for us, for the couple silly) - and some people getting down! Fabulous day for a fabulous couple!
Oh those girls!
Yep, loved it as soon as I saw it. Saawweeeet!
Time to see each other...
And a kiss! Lindsay and Ryan aren't big into PDA, and it is a very known fact amongst their families. Everyone started cheering and yelling whenever they would kiss. It was so funny!
Ryan's mom counting off how many times they had kissed so far!
Oops, there's another one! :)
Ryan had a lot of great expressions, and here's one right smack in the middle of the ceremony, as Lindsay was trying to get his ring on.
Yeah, our couples are cool, they laid down in the high grass on the golf course for us. :) They are cool.
And had a great time doing it!
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