Tina & Steve's Wedding at West Shore Country Club

Friday, June 29, 2012 - Weddings
June 16th we were in the Harrisburg/Camp Hill area for Tina and Steve's wedding. We started out at the Harrisburg Hilton for some getting ready. The ceremony was at Good Shepherd Catholic Church in Camp Hill, but the fun didn't really start until after the ceremony. There was a lot of time scheduled in between ceremony and the start of cocktail hour, so we had some wiggle room to play around. First of all, let me tell you, no, let me exclaim to you how totally FANTASTIC the coordinator (Steve, different from groom Steve) is at the West Shore Country Club! We have worked there several different times over the years, and he is always the most helpful, nicest, and accommodating site coordinator we have ever worked with! He never fails to help out and also provide good laughs. :)

Once we arrived at the country club, the wedding party and Tina and Steve took a break to freshen up before we went out to do more photos. During this time, Tina realized that she was missing her engagement ring. I had been taking some photos of it earlier that day during getting ready time, but had given it back to her mom. Tina's maom swore she gave it to Tina, but Tina doesn't remember getting it back. She was so calm about it, but her poor dad, who was sent back to her hotel room to get some things needed for the reception, was looking for it and was panicking. Tina just took it all in stride, and to relieve some tension, just blurted out one of the most awesome Dane Cook (super awesome comedian!) quotes ever. Ok, so it wasn't exactly ladylike, so I'm not going to post it here, but it was just the most perfect bride quote ever. We all lost it laughing, and it made the rest of the afternoon fun and easygoing.

We weren't at the reception very long for this one, and left shortly after dinner. We were able to get all of the important events, and just the beginning of the dancing and mingling, but it was looking like the start of an awesome evening! Congratulations to Tina and Steve!
Ready to go!
Loved this down the aisle shot. Dad stopped Tina on the way down and whispered something in her ear and gave her a kiss on the cheek. So adorable!
Stay back, stay back!
Yep, right here. Here's where the quote happened, and coordinator Steve, he's helping out. :)
Steve's cousin was...funny. :)
Yep, looked like it was the start of a wild and crazy night.
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