Jenny & Shan's Wedding- Traipsing around the Philly area

Monday, June 25, 2012 - Weddings
Jenny and Shan had a beautiful wedding on June 9th all over the Philadelphia area. We started out at St. Paul's Lutheran, in Ardmore, for a bit of getting ready. Then it was off to Bryn Mawr college (aka Hogwarts Castle) for first look, wedding party and couple photos. Jenny attended college there, along with most of her bridesmaids. It was a really gorgeous setting, and most of the buildings on campus certainly look like something right out of a Harry Potter movie. :)

After Bryn Mawr, we headed back to the church for the ceremony, and then it was off to Chinatown in Philadelphia - Ocean City Restaurant to be exact, for the reception. What a reception! A 10+ course seafood extravaganza! Each table was served family style and course after course was brought out for 250ish guests. Jenny and Shan also were able to make rounds and visit all 25 tables, and get photos taken with all of their friends and family. That was certainly a feat to be accomplished! We left just as the dancing was getting started, and were able to grab a few quick photos of that. Plus, some final nighttime shots of Jenny and Shan. I love different weddings, and this was one of them!
Shan had the old blindfold treatment since we all arrived at Bryn Mawr at the same time for photos. At first his friends wanted him to walk without assistance to the meeting spot - poor Shan!
Jenny, making the walk to see Shan...
Runaway veil!
As Jenny and Shan walked out at the end of the ceremony, their friends showered them with flower petals from above on the balcony!
Sorry Joel, had to include this, Joel was giving the thumbs up to the very large family group he just finished setting up. He had a few of the guests competing for his spot to take the photo!
Time to feast!
Bouquet, caught!
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