Kate & James in a Church-y Type Venue in Baltimore

Friday, March 23, 2012 - Weddings
I think it's strange that we have been doing this wedding thing for like 10 years now, and this is the first wedding we have had in downtown Baltimore, Maryland. What's up Baltimore? We should hang out more often.

Now that we have shot one wedding down that way I am sure that we will be getting a ton of inquiries, so I am glad I got to kick it out with a couple I really had fun working with. Kate and James had a cool little wedding in an old parish house tucked back from the street. The building is fantastic to work in - some great architecture, and just a general sweet location. The reception and ceremony were both at this location - and we have been having more and more weddings in the last couple years doing the all one location thing. We actually had someone ask us a few weeks ago if we ever shoot church ceremonies anymore, because they don't see any on our blog! It's not really up to us where we shoot at, but we do still work in churches. We have just had a LOT of weddings in the past couple years at non-church venues! The funny thing about this wedding, is that it was a church at one time, but has since been converted into a wedding venue. So its a church, but not.

Kate and James and their families were super nice to work with, and we all got along so well. I really love when families just accept the photographer as just another guest. It makes our job so much easier! As you can see, they were super into each other and into having a good time. I could have worked on their portraits for hours.

Thanks for having me guys. I really had a great time photographing you and your families.