Nicole + Owen & the 1st snow of 2012 at Cork Factory Hotel!

Friday, January 27, 2012 - Weddings Oh.Em.Gee. (yeah, I just said that, feeling spunky today.) It's been forever and a day since I last blogged, but its cause we have been SO caught up with shoots that I have had nothing to show or write about! And who wants to hear about our boring everyday lives? This month we have been working on house work, office work (accounting, taxes, album designs, etc.) and reading and watching movies. So exciting! Be still my heart!

Oh, but we have had time to get all psyched up to shoot Nicole and Owen's wedding on January 21st, since it is the only wedding we have until the beginning of March! And what a wedding it was! Nicole is a spitfire of an Italian Philly girl and I just love her. She has so much life and exuberance. She has a super cool son, Riley, who was THE MAN on the dance floor during the reception, and Owen, her groom, who loves them both. :) So here's how it went down...

Owen got nervous. Nicole got nervous. They saw each other. They laughed and smiled and it was like we weren't there. Nicole declared she hates snow but will go out in it for us, and for the sake of some great photos. :) We went outside. Little tufts of fluffy white snow came down and made everything dreamy and time stood still. Then the raucous groomsmen came out, and joked around, and were inappropriate (as all good groomsmen are). The ceremony came, teary eyed vows were exchanged between Nicole and Owen, and then with Nicole and Owen and Riley. I got a little weepy behind my camera. The party started. A good friend named Freez rocked the reception, and the whole world turned into a dance party. One last shot of Nicole and Owen on the stairs canoodling, and home we went. What a good day.

Here were some super-de-duper fabulous people that made the day wonderful:

Coordinator, Jonnaysa Kirkham- Planned Perfection
Ceremony/Reception Venue - Cork Factory Hotel
Off the hook dessert table, Jasmine - Couture Cakery
The best party DJ ever - DJ Freez
Some really unique bouquets and florals that included cotton! - Wildflowers by Design
Nicole had custom made ornaments for the guest favors. They were really something special!
All giggly and smiley during their first look. :)
Nicole was just stunning.
Perfect toes and shoes.
I really loved her bouquet.
Oh those silly boys.
Nicole MADE this herself. So creative!
Yep, getting weepy here. (Me, and everyone else, I'm sure.)
Go Jasmine! I wanted to eat everything on this table.
So Owen's brother probably gave the 2nd best, best man's speech I have ever seen. (Only 1 probably tops it, and that was given by all 3 brothers of a groom about 5 years ago.) Owen was totally not expecting it, and his brother took it to an entirely different level, writing a song all about Owen, and showing off some, er, um, rather "private" photos of him when he was younger...
...he really got into it. Trust me.
Nicole and Riley sharing some time together.
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