Heather, Danny, their dog Chet and a baby bump!

Friday, December 16, 2011 - "Just Because" Portraits

Our LAST session of 2011! Its hard to believe we are this caught up with normal production. Going into January we usually have a bunch of December stuff to finish up, but this year December was light, and we were glad for the break. October and November were so busy I barely remember them!

We photographed Heather and Danny's wedding back in 2007 in Washington DC, and since then, Heather has referred us to a bunch of her coworkers and we have also done their weddings. But now, its time for Heather and Danny to have a baby! They drove up from DC to get some shots outside with the soon-to-be baby in the belly that Heather is sporting, along with their crazy doggie Chet. :) Chet was cool, but he REALLY wanted to go in the water and of course, Rita was on guard duty for one of the shots, and turned her back and their goes Chet! Right in the water!

Chet eventually got dry, but not before we walked around and did a few more shots. We were in a great park in York County, and the fall light was gorgeous. I also love the simple connection of Danny, Heather, Chet and baby. They didn't want any fussy or fancy or (cheesy) preggo shots, so we did a bunch of simple shots to remember their time while waiting for their little one. Can't wait to photograph "baby" when it gets here!