Kirstin and Len's Wedding at Omni Bedford Springs - Gorgeous!

Monday, October 24, 2011 - Weddings
Kirstin and Len's wedding on October 9th was fabulous! And the 2nd wedding of our airport/airplane themed wedding weekend. So Len and Kirstin's wasn't really themed particularly, but similar to Melissa and Jason, it was airline related. Kirstin and Len met many years ago on a flight to France! How cool is that? They stayed in touch throughout the years, and in recent years, the relationship developed into something more. How cute?!

So to start the day, what can I say but MAGNIFICENT location. The Omni Bedford Springs Resort in Bedford, PA is too die for. Super rich in history (over 200 years old!) it reminds me of days gone by and more than once we heard a reference to one of my favorite movies. The hotel just sprawls across a vast expanse, and is nestled between hills and mountains. It totally reminds me of the resort from Dirty Dancing (maybe a little more upscale, but still reminiscient of that era!) For us, we had the added bonus of getting to explore the whole resort before the wedding. Len asked if we could start out with walking around the resort and capturing details of the rooms, the hotel, the grounds, the ballroom, etc. It was a great way to start the day, and we captured tons of details for them. Kirstin is super detail oriented, she is a paper artist, and actually made most of the decor, favors, flowers, etc for the wedding herself! What talent! We showed off a few here in the blog post.

The day was full of intimate surprises, from the sweet gesture of Kirstin having her grandma as her matron of honor (it was so adorable), to capturing Kirstin's dad having some alone time before the ceremony (Kirstin is an only child!) to sweet kisses and moments between Kirstin and Len, and of course Kirstin and Len's various surprises for their guests. Len works and lives in Paris, France (Kirstin is moving there with him after the wedding, how cool is that?) - so he brought Parisian chocolate for the guests, they had the BEST cupcakes ever shipped in from Chicago, and italian cookies brought in from Philadelphia. The wedding was small, and Kirstin and Len wanted all of their special friends and family to know exactly how special they were to them.

Kirstin and Len just oozed with love for each other, and we were so happy that they chose us to be part of this very special day. Enjoy the photos!
Kirstin made each one of the flowers that were all over the ballroom. She must have made hundreds of them!
Len was totally beaming from ear to ear as Kirstin walked down the aisle.
There is a really great bridge that leads from the hotel, across the road, to where the mineral springs are located at. From where Kirstin and Len are standing below, they could see their guests on the veranda having cocktails.
A special grooms cake for Len!
So these are just sinful. They had various cupcakes, but this one, this delectable little morsel, was the salted caramel cupcake. Kirstin and Len told us to partake in the desserts, so we did (Oh yeah they had a crepe station set up too! Almost forgot about that.) So this is a scrumptious yellow cupcake, with buttery gooey caramel inside, a huge glob of it, and then a smooth buttercream on top with some salt. Oh we were in heaven!
A swing band was a must for this wedding!
And one last shot. What a great day!
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