Samantha & Josh and A Beautiful Backyard Wedding

Monday, October 17, 2011 - Weddings
Samantha and Josh' wedding was nothing short of special, spectacular, and stupendous. It was THAT big of a day on October 1st. Every once in awhile, I feel like we get to witness something extra special when we photograph a wedding, and this was one of those days. We know Josh and Samantha have overcome a lot of obstacles to get to their big day, and I was pretty teary-eyed throughout the day, as were many of the other guests. The whole atmosphere at this wedding was wrought with heavy emotions, and we were just so happy to see these two tie the knot!

The wedding and reception were held at Samantha's parent's house in Bainbridge, PA, and even though we had some rain on and off throughout the day, everything came together. The rain stopped long enough for everyone to enjoy the outdoor ceremony. We even were able to do most of the portraits before we had to run for cover. I heard one of the best Best Man speeches in the nearly 10 years I have been doing this. (Yes, it was THAT good and made me CRY totally.) We just loved working with everyone at this wedding - Samantha and Josh have a very special family and great friends. We were honored to be a part of this day! We hope you guys had as much fun as we did. :)

Sam and her mom trying to figure out what to do with those silly garter belts. Sam didn't think they were comfortable at all, so off they went! :)
Sam and Josh' first look before the ceremony.
Annddd....this is where I started crying. :)
They were so funny too, I love the excitement they shared!
Sam and I agreed that we loved this spot for a portrait, there was some sweet ivy of some kind growing up the side of the shed that her parents had planted.
There were huge beds of ivy in the front yard, so we used them for some shots...
...and HAD to get this guy in one or two. :)
These shoes were totally rad, they were all the same sandals, but you could configure the straps a zillion different ways!
Best, wedding pie decorations ever! (yes, pie, not cake!)
The ring bearer got a little lost on his way to the altar...
...everyone found it quite amusing!
Love this shot of the groomsmen during the ceremony!
Sam's dad is a pastor, and he performed the ceremony. He had some surprises for Sam and Josh during the ceremony, including wearing these shades during a portion of it.
Sam's mom, grandparents and Josh' parents during the ceremony.
Instead of a Unity Candle, they had a Unity Painting, something we have never seen before!
Trying to do family portraits in the rain, this was fun!
And cutting of the pies!
The emotional best man speech.
Sam's mom wanted her to have everything she ever dreamed of for her wedding. Sam had envisioned this swing when she was just a little girl, and mom and dad made it come true!
One of the best first dances. Ever.
Let's eat pie!
Josh' parents were hot on the dance floor! Woooeee!
I love this shot. Really do.
And this one!
Sam and Josh ended the evening with a barrage of bubbles and goodbyes, and drove off into the sunset! (Ok into the nighttime, it was already dark by then.)
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