Crystal, John, Layla, Logan, Ava, Tinkerbell & the uneventful family session!

Friday, September 30, 2011 - Families
Another great family that we see so much and love to work with! The title of this post is kind of funny, cause usually when we photograph Crystal's family we have to chase horses, or deal with unsmiling kids, or cranky babies, or a mad Layla, or who knows what! :) This session was pleasantly un-eventful, in that there were no disasters or catastrophes to be had. Just happy kids, happy mom and dad, a happy horse, great weather and a pasture to play in. We loved every second of it! We love every session we do with this gang, but it was super fun this time cause Layla had not seen us in awhile so she missed us, Logan laughs at anything Joel does and is running around like the terrible 2 toddler he is, and the newborn, Miss Ava was just hanging out being held and not going anywhere. Perfect ages and stages!

We had tried last winter to get some shots with Layla's horse Tinkerbell, and it was too cold of a day, and just didn't work out. So Crystal thought it would be great to try again, in milder weather and especially now that they have their last little one. It went off without a hitch. The worst that happened was that Layla pinched her finger in the gate, but it wasn't even that bad. She didn't cry or nuttin'. ;)