Lincoln and Farrah...An Angel and a Race Car Driver!

Friday, September 30, 2011 - Babies & Kids

This past weekend we got to work with lots of our favorite clients again. I love that we have repeat portrait clients and that we get to see their kids grow up and capture all of the fun things about them. You probably remember Lincoln from when he was a baby and then again when he was just starting to walk, and now you get to see him in the Terrible Twos! Plus he has a baby sister, Farrah!

Lincoln was all over the place as only a 2 year old can. Joel made him really mad when he told him he could play in the sink (one of his favorite things to do) and then made him stop. Lincoln didn't like that AT ALL and went into a pretty long crying jag. Once he calmed down from that, it was my turn to make him mad, and we let him go in the car (another of his favorite things to do) and act like he was driving. Kyle and Amy were cool with it, and it's great to have understanding parents! We made him bawl his head off twice in about half an hour. :)

Farrah is a sweetie pie and was calm as could be. She is a little angel and Amy said she is a great baby. We got some cutesy little baby portraits of her, and with her big bro, and one or two with mom and dad. Can't wait to see her grow up!