Audrey & Nick's Vintage-y Wedding in Middletown, OH!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011 - Weddings
Yahoo for Audrey and Nick! Audrey couldn't wait to book us for her wedding, and she was so excited to find out we would drive to Ohio for her big day. She had been a bridesmaid at a past wedding we had photographed, and knew ever since then that she wanted us! It's so nice to be wanted! :)

So, we made a big drive out west - straight across PA into Ohio. We left Friday morning and stayed over night in Ohio near where the wedding was to be at on September 17th. Audrey's family is from Middletown, Ohio, which is where the wedding was held. The reception was in a big ol' tent in her parent's backyard, and the ceremony was over the river and through the woods. Pretty much. It was actually at her parent's neighbor's house and it was over a bridge and through the woods to a big clearing where hay bales were set up for the ceremony. The day was spectacular! The weather was gorgeous, the timing was perfect, Audrey and Nick were loads and loads of fun, and there were cool details everywhere.

Ferdinand, Audrey's sister's brown Newfoundland, was the ring bearer, bocce, poppcorn, there were cool signs all over the place, tons of antiques of her father's were used to decorate (antique cash register, restored jukebox, popcorn machine, etc, etc.) And a do-it-yourself photobooth complete with a Bob's Big Boy. Who could go wrong with all of this great stuff? They also had a great tradition that was done when everyone sat down to eat where everyone at the table held on to each other's favors and pulled an surprises came out. Toys and paper hats galore. Oh, and the night was topped off with sparklers! It was definitely a day to remember.

Lots of great people made this event happen:

Michelle, coordinator - Blue Dahlia Events
Caterer - Little Miami River Catering
Cake - Ele Cake Company
Florist - The Flowerman
Invitation Designer - Marissa Rivera
Cooper, Videographer - Demonstrous