Rebecca & Christian's Wedding at the Peter Allen House

Friday, August 12, 2011 - Weddings
Rebecca and Christian's wedding was held on a hot and sticky July 2nd at the Peter Allen House in Dauphin, PA. It was a lovely day (besides the gnat hoard and the tick creepy crawlies) - Joel hung out with the guys at the hotel to start off, and got had some quality male bonding time. The guys roamed around downtown Harrisburg, striking a pose here and there. It sounded like they had a horrible time. :) Meanwhile, I was hanging with Rebecca and the gals at the Peter Allen House while they got all gussied up. Rebecca is pretty low maintenance, and was quickly in her dress and shoes, and off we went to grab some pics. That's when we realized the gnats were bad. Not just bad, horrible! We were literally swatting constantly, and it was pretty funny trying to shoot while all the girls were swatting and shooing. We got some funny shots because of it though!

The ceremony started out with some lovely music by 3 of Rebecca's students. Rebecca is a music teacher in NYC, and 3 of the girls she teaches (they are all sisters) came to play at the ceremony for her. Isn't that awesome? After the ceremony, we paraded around with the wedding party and Rebecca and Christian through the gnats again (sorry to keep mentioning it, but it was pretty stinkin funny) - and then ended up with just Rebecca and Christian across the road in a lovely field. Rebecca and Christian let loose in the field and we got some A+ quality giggles and kisses from them for their portraits. They were troopers tromping through the high grass of the field!

Our bud Matt from Occasions DJs rocked the reception, and Jasmine from Couture Cakery put together a really spectacular candy and cupcake table. Everyone had a blast! Christian even wrote a song for his mom for their parent dance (Christian is a musician in NYC), and his dad and sister later sang a song to him from when he was a kid! Lots of music all around!
Christian was having a hard time watching Rebecca come down the aisle.
I love the lions! Reminds me of the NYC Public Library.
We kind of went off-roading to get this shot ;)
And fun in the field...
Great entrance!
Rebecca and her mom getting down!
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