Lance' 1st Birthday Party Bash!

Monday, August 1, 2011 - Babies & Kids

Oh how fun! The end of June we photographed Lance' first birthday party! This was the first time we photographed a birthday party (other than our own kids and friends), and we really loved it. We have always liked the energy at parties, and we had a field day with all of Lance' family and friends! We have photographed Lance and his brother Pierce before, so we fit right in with everyone. Even one of our other baby clients, Griffin, was there. Lauren and Bob (Lance' mommy and daddy) had the "Balloon Lady" there making balloon animals, rockets and hats for all the kids. They loved it! Lance really dove into his red velvet cupcake too - what a mess! He loved every second of it and smiled through the whole thing. :) We also got many many shots of Lance with each of the guests, his grandparents, mom and dad, his brother, etc. Happy birthday to Lance!

Lance was trying to eat the balloons instead of playing with them. :)

He had a really snazzy balloon hat, but just didn't want to keep it on.

Griffin loved his hat!

Cake, here I come!

Pierce really wanted a cupcake too, but had to wait until Lance got started on his.

Ah yes, sweet victory!

I could say the same thing for Lance! He conquered the cake.

Hi fives Dad, I did it!

Pierce was starting to have too much birthday fun, I think he was getting a little tired.

Lance with one of his grandmas, trying to eat the balloons again.

And to end our time there, Pierce gave Griffin and Lance a ride in the wagon! Totally spontaneous, but was a great way to end the time for us! :)

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