Anne & Taylor's Orange-licious Boston, MA Wedding!

Friday, July 15, 2011 - Weddings
What a day what a DAY! June 18th we traveled to Boston - Yes, Boston, MA (as in Massachusetts the state) to photograph Anne and Taylor's wedding. And yes, we had a wedding the day before in Lancaster. You might call us nuts, but I call it pure ADRENALINE! :) It was a whirlwhind of a 24 hours, that's for sure, but we went to Boston, kicked some bridal butt (not literally) and came right back home. I would like to say Boston was beautiful, great, loved it, but we really didn't see much of it! The area we photographed in was really, really nice, but it was about 45 minutes from Boston proper. Looked just like good old PA countryside. :)

So anyway, about Anne and Taylor. Anne was the maid of honor at Emily & Matt's blizzard wedding in 2009, and loved our photos so much she wanted us to do her wedding at her parent's house in Boston. Anne and Taylor live in Washington D.C., so it was a multi-state planning journey to get this wedding to happen! Everything went off beautifully though, and I have to give a huge amount of credit to Anne's planner, Pavaune Pearson from Invited Special Events in Washington D.C. She did so, so much and made Anne's parent's lawn into THE place to be! It was gorgeous! Anne also had excellent taste in colors and details. Her favorite is bright orange, and there was orange everywhere! I love it when something as simple as one color can tie a whole event together.

Anne and Taylor decided to see each other before the ceremony so that we could take a bunch of photos and then just party after the ceremony. They had a first look at the property of a friend of their parent's, which had a great barn and an even greaterer little boat. :) Then, it was off to the bubbling brook. But really, I need to put that in caps - Bubbling Brook - cause it is the name of a great little ice cream place. It's kind of funny, cause when Pavaune emailed me the timeline and I saw "bubbling brook" , I was thinking, "Oh we are going to an actual bubbling brook" . I had no idea it was an ice cream joint! You can see we got some great shots there, and there was a really vast open field with nice white fence near the Bubbling Brook. Perfect for some wedding party photos!

After we were all ice-creamed out, we headed back to the house, got a few family shots done, and then it was time for the ceremony. After the last shuttle bus arrived, Anne walked down the aisle holding here dad's arm, surrounded by all of her family and friends (old and new). The backdrop of her parent's house and lawn was perfect. Anne and Taylor had a really sincere and heartfelt ceremony, with special stories told about how they met, their courtship and so forth. What was really special was that they had a sort of ring blessing ceremony, where they passed the rings around during the ceremony to each guest and had them say good thoughts and wishes to the rings. We had never seen this before and it was great to capture some shots of this.

The reception was wonderful, with burgers and fries and all kinds of food served family style at each table. But don't turn your nose up at burgers and fries. These were FANCY burgers and fries! Everything was really well thought out! Dessert consisted of Anne's favorite cake, and after a whole bunch of great dancing, everyone retired to the back yard and pool for a campfire, smores and swimming. Seriously, how could have this day been better?? We want to thank Anne and Taylor and Anne's parents for putting their faith in us to travel to their wedding, we truly had a wonderful time. And this post is chock full of 60ish of our favorites - I totally could have blogged 100, but Joel would have killed me! ;)

Vendors that made this day happen!

Coordinator: Pavaune Pearson - Invited Special Events
Florist: Judy's Village Florals
DJ: Seth from Beat Train Productions
Caterer: Baker's Best Catering
They couldn't stop smiling after they saw each other!
I loved this boat. Loved it.
The Bubbling Brook!
Orange shoes!
Anne brought one of her giant orange balloons along from the house to use for photos, loved it!
Time to cool off with some ice cream!
The lawn where the ceremony was held was beautiful and lush, but the orange balloons really added that extra spark.
Anne's dad was such a good sport. He is an amateur photographer and didn't get out his camera once during the day. He was instructed to enjoy himself and have a good time! It totally looks like he is having a great time here - a special moment between him and Anne.
Passing the rings around.
Anne and Taylor decided to have some quiet time to themselves just after the ceremony. Such a good idea - there is so much that happens on a wedding day, it is important to remember why you are going through all of this in the first place!
Cocktail hour!
Anne even had orange and white straws!
Cooling off some more
Anne's guests got in the good spirit with the orange and blue! This gentleman was very special to Anne's family, a long time friend.
And his wife in the orange! Talking with Taylor's mom.
Now THOSE are burgers.
Anne's dad gave an excellent speech!
Love this shot, really do! Ice cream and a baby! This bridesmaid's husband stuck the baby in the shot just as I fired it of the ice cream. Perfect!
I am not sure what happened here, but I saw Anne get teary-eyed here as the dancing was coming to an end, she was talking with her mom and dad. So sweet.
Aw yeah. Campfire and smores!
And what better way to end the day than jumping in the pool?!? Now this is a parting shot! Congratulations guys!
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