Brandy and Jim - Saturday, August 12th - Part 1

Tuesday, August 15, 2006 - Weddings
I have nothing to say, but what a kick ass day! Brandy and Jim were SOOO much fun to work with! They both were way into getting their photos taken, and were up for anything we had to offer. That's what we love to hear! They had a church ceremony in York, followed by a reception at the White Rose Room at the York Fairgrounds. What a blast - we found some totally non-traditional, unique spots at the church for portraits before the ceremony, then did some fun stuff with the gates at the Fairgrounds after the ceremony.

We put two different posts up for two reasons - 1 was 'cause we had a ton of cool shots, and 2 was 'cause we don't have another wedding until Sept. 2nd, so we wanted a lot of eye candy to hold all of our "blog fans" over until then!

Brandy and Jim, thanks so much for a fun day!