Lisa & Lowell's Knockout Wedding at Landis Valley Museum

Friday, July 1, 2011 - Weddings
Wow! May 28th was a fun fun wedding day! Lisa and Lowell were married at Landis Valley Museum in Lancaster, and held a most excellent party with 300 of their closest friends! They saw each other before the ceremony to have some photos taken around the property with their wedding party, and you can see by the photo above, they didn't have a good time at all! They had so many great details and different things carefully planned and executed for the day, and by different, I mean DIFFERENT. They tried to get this to be as much of a party and less like a wedding as they could get! It of course went off wonderfully. So what was so different, hmmm... let me see...

1. Cocktail hour before the ceremony - allowing all 300 guests to really mingle and fill their tummies with excellent Indian hors d'Ĺ“uvres catered by the Taj Mahal.

2. A unique ceremony "in the round" with guests sitting on every side, allowing for a very open, but yet very intimate ceremony. Guests and the couple opened the ceremony with group singing. They also did a tasting ceremony, pulling from Lisa's African heritage, which included tasting 4 elements - hot, sour, bitter, and sweet.

3. Um, Rice & Noodles (vietnamese cuisine) catered the actual buffet for the wedding. Joel was head over heels in love with this, as it is one of his favorite restaurants. Food was awesome!

4. Maggie Moos ice cream truck!! Need I say more?

Oh and many more things, like whoopie pies, DJ Freez Entertainment, a "soul train" dance line during dancing, etc. etc. etc. Lisa & Lowell were also lucky they won their wedding flowers for free from a contest that Carol Godshall from English Garden Floral held last year. I could just keep going on! I think I hit the "highlights" of the day. Lisa and Lowell were such a special couple to work with, and you could see that they are loved and cared for by so many. Congratulations to you two!
Lowell really took off with this shot. He left everyone in the dust!
Oh those sweet girls.
Lisa's bouquet was so elegant!
I loved this idea! Lisa had her coordinator hang ribbons on the barn with all of the guest table cards. It was a bit hit!
Mmmm...Taj Mahal yummies.
These are some of Lowell and Lisa's friends - they were super talented! Don't ya just love the little guy watching them?
Making friends. :)
Off to the ceremony!
Lisa was a big time crier. She was blubbering it up most of the day. Just kidding Lisa, but you did cry a lot!
There were some REALLY cute kids at this wedding. There was like 2 dozen of them running around. It's very rare that we see many kids at weddings anymore, I love what they add to the day!
Lisa getting a big hug from her new mother-in-law.
Joel snuck this one in :)
Huge tent for a Huge wedding!
Oh yeah, Maggie Moo's! Gotta have that cotton candy blue!
Dancing in the barn.
Really...DANCING in the barn!
I won Lisa and Lowell! :)

(My last shot, not Joel's)
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