Laura & David's Wedding at a 1700s Farmhouse in Brickerville, PA

Thursday, June 23, 2011 - Weddings
May 21st...THE RAPTURE. An air of eery calm hung over the day like a wet blanket...

...wait a minute, screetch to a halt. I am not writing one of Joel's creepy zombie books, am I? No, this is a wedding! A very happy and fun one at that! Let me start again.

David and Laura had some day. Really, so much going on. May 21st was just a splendid, splendid day. Laura's uncle owns Elizabeth Farms, in Brickerville, PA which is a Christmas Tree farm in Lancaster county. If my memory serves me, he has several hundred acres on the farm, and one of the most hidden and spectacular parts, is the 1700s stone farm house where the wedding was held. It was truly a picture perfect setting. The farm is divided by the turnpike, and when you go visit the farm to get a tree at Christmastime, one of the fun things is getting to ride on the horse drawn wagon under the turnpike to the area where the trees are. Laura's uncle had guests park at the tree farm parking lot, then they were "chauffeured" to the wedding in the horse drawn wagons. The guests really loved it! Laura was getting ready upstairs in the house when the first wagons arrived, and we were peaking out to see all of the fun. Speaking of getting ready, Laura's dress was so perfectly vintage and fit so well with the setting and the overall feel of the day. It was her grandmother's dress (with a few modifications) and was just splendid!

The ceremony was held behind the house where there were tiered lawns, and after the short and sweet ceremony, we had a truly wonderful time taking Laura and David around to explore for some portraits. We had a huge farm to work in, but more importantly, the 3rd floor of the house, which had some really awesome finds. I would have loved to have dug through that floor! There were a dozen or so spinning wheels, and nooks and crannies that were to die for. Most of the house has been restored and furnished to period condition. I felt like I was walking into James Buchanan's Wheatland which is also in Lancaster.

The cocktail hour and reception were a smash and were completely entertaining with lawn games (cornhole, bocce, croquet, etc.), a good ol' bbq (the food was TO DIE FOR), and who needs cake these days? it was wedding pie at this reception! Laura also had jam for guest favors and cute vintage napkins. I could really keep going, but I know you all want to see our faves, I mean I have talked it up this much so far, right? So here goes!
Laura's mom and sisters helped her gently into the dress.
Fun times with the wedding party.
Truly sweet spot in the 3rd floor.
And again. This is fabulous. And you can just see a spinning wheel poking out in front of David.
Check out that staircase!
I loved Laura's flowers and they were just right for the rings.
Jam and napkins!
David and his cutie pie niece.
Laura's mom was wicked good at croquet.
Drool. The food.
Key lime pie for Laura and David, oh my!
Tent in the backyard for the reception. I love this time of day.
Um yeah. Some grooves have moves, and then some grooms have MOVES. David is the latter. He was a maniac on the dance floor!
This is awesome! Had to save my awesome for this shot. :)
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