Megan & Steve's Wedding at Riverdale Manor in Lancaster, PA

Friday, June 17, 2011 - Weddings
Megan and Steve were married on May 13th at Riverdale Manor in Lancaster on May 13th, and boy was it a hoot of a time! Megan had THE BEST pink Prada shoes (see right down there) and her and her gals had such a good time getting ready I could have stayed in there all day. (Steve had equally awesome shoes, just had to mention that.) But wait, there was a wedding to be had! So while Joel held Steve hostage (not really), Megan and I came down the back balcony and across the lawn and wowza, there was your first look. Steve's jaw dropped when he saw Megan and it was so cute seeing the two of them. We did a few relaxed portraits and the rest of the day was spent with a short ceremony and lots of partying and chatting it up with friends. Mason, Steve's son, was a little ham and kept jumping in front of the camera whenever he had the chance. Him and those flower girls were sure cute!

The evening went on and on with some down and dirty dancing, and we got to see ALL of it. Not to mention some fabulous drinks! Joel and I aren't really into beer that much, but Megan and Steve are big into microbrews, and they had a great variety there for the guests to enjoy. What a great wedding!
Megan's bridesmaid made special "girl drinks" for the getting ready time, a huge pitcher of some pink alcoholic drink, and each girl got their very own princess sippy cup! :)
I told you that jaw dropped. ;)
I think they are excited to be married!
Let the reception begin!
Oh it was messy, really, really messy.
Looks like Megan and Steve weren't the only ones enjoying feeding each other :)
Show off that bling girl!
There's some of that dancing I was talking about.
Now THIS is how to rock a gazebo shot!
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