Anna and Randy in Lebanon, PA

Friday, March 18, 2011 - Weddings
Anna and Randy got married! Yep, but these images aren't from their wedding. The truth is that they were married in Canada, and this is a reaffirmation of sorts, so that they could celebrate with their family here in Lebanon. Though, to the casual observer this had all the trimmings of a wedding.

It isn't very often that we see something new at a wedding. We've been doing this whole wedding photography thing for about 7-8ish years, and I have to say there are few surprises. If you scroll down a bit you will know it when you see it. Apparently, this is a local tradition that has somehow slipped through the cracks for us.
Coffee was a big part of the preparations. Randy had a cup in his hands at all times.
I'm embarrassed to admit I can't remember this little guys name. It's funny, because I usually remember dog's names better than people's names. Anyway, he is Anna & Randy's pooch, and he was a ball of energy.
heading to the church...
Anna and Randy got ready at Randy's sister's house. I knew I was going to get some great portraits as soon as I walked in the door. The windows were huge and the light in that place was awesome.
Our first stop after the ceremony was a little coffee shop in Lebanon called The Timeless Cafe.
Oh yeah! I actually saw two things at this wedding I've never seen before. The gentleman playing the guitar is a relative to Anna. Anna's mother is originally from Russia, and her family sang traditional Russian songs at the wedding.
OK, here it is. This is the tradition I've never seen before. Two of Randy's brothers kidnapped him and made him give them his pants...
While Randy was pantslessly stranded in the bathroom Anna circled the reception room to gather "ransom" money in order to get Randy released.
Obviously the Randy Ransom went well.
Well, maybe not for everyone. In Randy's words, "They may have returned my pants, but I'll never get back my dignity."
Apparently Randy needed some hair maintenance during the reception.
The parting shot. Gotta love the sunsets this time of year.
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