Lincoln Tries out the Snow

Monday, January 24, 2011 - Babies & Kids
So after we visited Ford on January 9th, we headed over to one of our other favorite babies - Lincoln! Yeah, I know, where's Mercury right? (Ya know - Ford, Lincoln, Mercury) - sadly we do not have a baby Mercury as a client yet, but we all had a good laugh about this. So fun! Anyway, Amy and Kyle are always a blast to work with and up for anything we have to throw at them, so we TRIED, let me reiterate TRIED to do a snow session. Luckily we had a couple inches on the ground, and we even brought an old sled along, but poor Lincoln was just too cold. I totally don't blame him for not liking my hair-brained snow idea. Lincoln had never been in snow before, and kept trying to run it and ended up falling flat on his face twice. Poor little guy! He was so cold from it, I felt so bad. We did manage to get a few shots at Fort Hunter park with the three of them before we decided to head back to Amy and Kyle's house. See, I don't always have the best ideas! But it doesn't hurt to try!

So back to the house we went to get warmed up, and Lincoln was much happier. We got some more shots of him playing with his toys, and hanging out with mom and dad, AND his super teeny-tiny Teacup Poodle, Molly. She is so cute! We had met her back in 2009 when we had been out to photograph Lincoln's first session.

We were so glad Lincoln had a better time at the house - note to self, babies don't like snow - duh!
See, I told you he ended up in the snow.
He recovered, and we tried some swings - and don't you just love his hat and gloves set? I want a green monster hat and gloves set too!!
Reading books is always the best.
Yay happy family!
Here's Molly!
And Lincoln likes pointing to his baby pictures, he's totally showing off! :)
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