Featured in Lancaster County Magazine Jan. 2011 Issue

Friday, January 7, 2011 - News
It's an exciting month! We are being featured in 3 magazines this month! The first off is a huge article in Lancaster County Magazine that our good friend Martine at the House of Clarendon organized. The article is promoting his new Dream Weddings show on WGAL, that features weddings in Central PA. A huge shoot was set up at the Cork Factory Hotel, and a bunch of our wedding photographer friends and us (well Joel anyway, they only wanted one person from each company - boo) were photographed, and then the photographers photographed the other vendors being featured. I didn't scan all of the pages of the article, just the front cover to show you the magazine, and then the pages that either feature us, or have the photos that Joel took on them. Here they are!

Cover of the magazine (we did not photograph this)
The photo (across 2 page spread) taken of all the photographers and cinematographers. Um, Joel's the tallest one, ya can't miss him. :)
Our write up below on the right.
Joel took this photo of all of the "creatives" - dj, lighting, invitations, etc.
Joel took this photo of all of the hair stylists.
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