Joya and Kevin's Fanciful Fall Wedding

Monday, December 13, 2010 - Weddings
Joya and Kevin's wedding on October 23rd was fun, fanciful, fall-like and full of love! :) I am going to say it, Joya is a firecracker and we loved working with her and Kevin! They both were constantly smiling, constantly laughing and just having a downright great time on their wedding day. Joya is a superbly talented do-it-yourselfer, and made SO many wonderful things for her wedding. Let's see, here's a partial list (the things I can remember!) - her shoes, her purse, the flower girls dresses and fairy crowns, the bridesmaid dress, the cake decorations, the placemats, etc, etc, etc. I can't remember it all, but it was a lot. All I have to say is Way to Go Joya! I wish I had that kind of energy and spunk.

So about their was fairly small with their closest friends and family present. The ceremony was at a beautiful chapel, Washington Memorial Chapel, in Valley Forge Park, and the reception was at another beautiful location, Valley Green Inn, in Philadelphia. Kevin loves trees so it makes sense that their locations were surrounded by so much fall color! Joya's family is Scottish, so there were some great Scottish traditions at the reception. The drinking out of the Quaich, which is a small silver bowl, was one of my favorites!