Amanda and Ryan at Hershey

Friday, November 12, 2010 - Weddings
September 25th we hit up the Hotel Hershey again for Amanda and Ryan's wedding. They got ready in the new cottages - and Amanda actually prepared at the very far back corner cottage on the property, and there was this awesome ditch there (yes I said a ditch) where we shot most of the girls portraits at. The light was just perfect and we were able to get some interesting compositions utilizing the ditch. Some of the girls were a little skeptical, but take a look at the shot of just Amanda (about 4 or 5 photos down) and you can see the great angles we got! We really can shoot anywhere! I don't think people believe us sometimes when we say that, but it's all about knowing how to use your surroundings the best you can. I am seriously digressing, so back to the wedding...

After the ceremony at Fishburn UM in Hershey, we headed down to the smokestacks at the Hershey's Chocolate Factory and played around there for a little while. The wedding party hopped on the trolley and off we went to a kickin reception at the hotel. The Hershey's characters even made their appearance! We had a great time with Amanda and Ryan - we hope you enjoy the photos!