Terri & Steve...Finally found each other

Thursday, September 16, 2010 - Weddings
Terri and Steve are so full of spirit and life, it was so, so fun working with them at their wedding on July 31st. Their story is pretty fantastic. Terri LOVES reunions, and while working on organizing her elementary school reunion, Steve joined the committee. They were both in the right place at the right time - stars aligned and these childhood friends finally found love with each other. It's such a cool story.

The energy throughout the wedding day was intoxicating - Terri sure is a character! But we loved what she was putting out. Her and Steve were definitely nervous, but you could only see a tad of it at the beginning of the ceremony. The rest of the day was party! They were married at a small church in Kennett Square, and then were off to the Red Clay Room for the reception. The weather was beautiful, the guests were fun, and these two were totally into each other! There are so many great photos below, I am going to keep this short. ;)
Terri has such an infectious smile - you just want to smile right back!
Steve's smile is nearly as big as Terri's!
I forgot to mention that Terri had never been married before, making this a pretty emotional day for her.
Eeewww! Kissing! I love the look on Eric, Steve's son's face right behind him. It's awesome!
We love when our couples frolic. Frolicking is one of our favorite things. :)
A perfectly perfect toast by Eric.
Terri performed for Steve during the reception, it was sure something. She sang a song especially for him, and even had his full name in it. You just had to be there.
Garter time = mission impossible
Yes the ring bearer caught the garter...
...and boy did he ham it up!
When big cakes attack!
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