Erica and Mike's Wedding at Lauxmont Farms

Monday, September 13, 2010 - Weddings
Erica and Mike's wedding at Lauxmont Farms on July 23rd was definitely the all out hottest wedding of the summer. Not the most humid, just the most hot. Cause it's PA, and there is a difference between the most hot, and the most humid. If your from around here, ya know what I mean ;)

Hot, heat and humidity aside, it was a beautiful wedding. You just can't beat the views at the Rotunda at Lauxmont. Always makes for a picturesque setting, and Erica and Mike were willing and able subjects to be photographed in all of the great "stuff" Lauxmont had to offer! Of course after the ceremony, we did some pretty pictures with the river and the horse pastures in the background. But after that was when the fun began. When we took Erica and Mike and walked around to find the nitty gritty side of Lauxmont. They really loved all of the photos we took at our session we did at Eastern State Penitentiary a few years ago, so we tried to give them that. We actually found (Ok JOEL actually found) that you could get into one of the old silos. And Erica and Mike were totally willing to do it! Luckily Erica had a nice easy dress, with not a lot of poof, which made it easier for her to climb through the hole to get into the silo. Wait, a bride climbing through a hole into a silo - on her wedding day?!? Are you crazy? Yes, we are, but what you see is only because our couples agree to it, keep that in mind! :)

After we had way too much fun in the silo, we headed back into the air conditioned (yay!) Rotunda for the reception. There were many rounds of hilarious and uplifting speeches and toasts, yummy food by the Olde Greenfield Inn, and a cake cutting that left Mike eating cake from the floor. :) (Erica dropped some, picked it up and put it in Mike's mouth! Way too funny, you should have seen his face.) It was a wonderfully hot and exciting day! And from what I hear, the next day was the hottest day of the summer, and boy am I glad we didn't have a wedding that day. :)
Everything above is pretty self its time to play :)
In the SILO!!!
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