Shelly & Brian's Wedding - Brandywine Manor House

Friday, September 10, 2010 - Weddings
It was a hot and humid, muggy (partially rainy, but that cleared up in time for the ceremony - yay!) day back on July 10th for Brian and Shelly's wedding. Boy were we all worried about the weather! Thankfully the rain passed through before the outdoor ceremony started, even though it left it super hot and sticky, which was probably our most humid wedding of the summer! These two took it in stride though, and especially once they saw each other down the aisle, everything else melted away, and it was just them, getting married. Awwww...


Brandywine Manor House provided a picturesque backdrop for this lovely couple. After a few portraits with the Mr. and Mrs., the party was kicked off right away with some awesome band music and yummy food. Shelly even changed into a more comfortable reception dress for the party. It was laid back and casual, just like they wanted it!

Shelly arrived and it was still drizzling a few drops...
Brian's niece and nephews were super cute!
Brian looks totally surprised here, I can't remember exactly what happened, but I am sure he was giving that look to Joel. Joel often gets that reaction. :)
Ring power!!
Guests were joining in on the fun with the band!
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