Megan and Andrew's Wedding at the Capitol

Thursday, August 5, 2010 - Weddings
Megan and Andrew were married on a blistery hot day back in June. June 26th to be exact. We have sure had a lot of scorchers this summer. The good ol' PA humidity never fails to wallop you one when you have to shoot a wedding! Luckily for this wedding, we had the gorgeous interior of the rotunda at the Harrisburg Capitol to work with instead of doing everything outside in the heat. We made the guys go outside before the ceremony for some shots (sorry guys!), mostly to keep them away from the gals, but then the ladies we kept inside in the cool so they wouldn't get all sweaty before the ceremony. Megan looked gorgeous! (Yes, we had back to back "Megan" weddings that weekend!)

The ceremony inside the rotunda was beautiful, the architecture is just amazing! After the ceremony we headed everyone outside (grumble, it's hot!) - we weren't the only ones feeling the heat. But we kept everyone near the cool, misty fountain behind the Capitol and then it was off to the West Shore Country Club for some more shots with Megan and Andrew and then the reception.

So many great things happened I can't list them all! Just check out the photos below. :)
Megan gets "two thumbs up" from Andrew's niece.
Love this one!
Megan's dad on the way up to meet her for the ceremony.
An impressive line up!
Megan and her dad nervously holding on to each other...
That's a wedding party!
These four were sooo cute...
This is one of my favorite shots of the day!
In the trolley on the way to the country club, trying to stay cool.
Love it.
Another favorite! Some last laughs before we left. Congratulations Megan and Andrew!
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