Toni & Bobby. Fire escapes and Funny Faces.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010 - Engagements
We will be photographing Toni and Bobby's wedding in October of this year, in the Ryan building next to the Capital complex in Harrisburg. Toni actually works in that building, and Bobbi works nearby. They really love the riverfront area and downtown around where they work, so they wanted to have some fun with their engagement session in these areas. We found some fun! Toni said she really loves the fire escape shots that we have done in the past, so we went exploring on several fire escapes! Bobby is a bit of a goofball, and we found out he LOVES to make silly faces (him and Joel get along REALLY well) - Joel is a master at useless facial expressions. :P

We also went to the top of the parking garage right next to the capitol, and what a view! Plus there were lots of great things to explore. I love finding new spots!
Just. Love. This. Photo. :)
And this one. Bobby said he felt like he was on Sesame Street or something.
The sky was beeuutiful!
Yes, they are actually pressing their noses (and mouths?) against this window on the top of the garage. :)
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